Customer/Client Testimonial

We hired Justin to work with our daughter to improve her basketball skills so she could enjoy her school games more. Our first training session was excellent. Per our request, Justin worked with her on 21 ball handling drills to improve her basic skills in moving with the ball effectively. He then added a couple of lay up drills to tie in the ball handling to shooting, explaining in detail the approach and shot. Our daughter was so excited after the lesson! She hadn’t had the opportunity at school to really work on basic drills and was looking forward to using what she had learned on the court. From the sidelines, Justin used the time extremely effectively, exhibited a high degree of technical direction and worked patiently to keep our daughter in point with his instructions. Great job!! After 10 sessions: Coach Justin still a strong 5 stars. Bella’s ball handling and footwork have improved tremendously over these last 10 sessions. We are signing up for more to maintain Coach Justin’s and my daughter’s hard work. He continues to vary the training to keep the basic skills she is working on interesting and challenging. He is an extraordinary coach that knows how to challenge, encourage and grow my daughter’s basketball skills with a heavy dose of patience during the process. -Alexis – November 3, 2016

Justin is an excellent coach. He combines sound fundamental drills with motivational messages. He helps players become both physically and mentally better prepared for success. Noah – November 24, 2016 

Great coach, probably one of the best if not the best coach this site has to offer. NBA, Overseas experience. Learned a lot in one session. Trying to enhace your game? Train with some one who’s trained with NBA professionals and has played for the spurs. Kyle –  January 21 2017

Justin is a great coach! He was very patient with me as he explained to me and went slower with the drills if I didn’t understand them. He’s able to push you while keeping you motivated. Would definitely recommend him to people that want to get better on their game. Kevin  –  February 21, 2017

Coach Justin is a great coach! All the positive reinforcement was super helpful and the drills he runs are really helpful in developing my 6 year old nephews game! Faisal – March 15, 2017

Justin was extremely attentive, encouraging and friendly. My son Caden felt comfortable with Justin and is excited to continue training with him. Justin was instantly in tune with my sons weaknesses and strengths. I highly recommend training with him. You won’t be disappointed. Kimberly – April 18, 2017

Coach Justin did exactly what I asked him to do. He has my son doing things he never thought he could do and he is very professional. Thanks Coach Up! Eric – May 17, 2017

Coach Justin was so helpful to me and my young friend Derrick! He responded so quickly and made himself available right away to start training Derrick. They’ve been working for a couple weeks now and Derrick has said how important it is to him to be working with Coach Justin. I can’t thank him enough for this! Cecily – June 13, 2017

Coach Justin B is an excellent, skillful coach! With this being my son’s first training session, Justin demonstrated great patience, encouragement and instruction which IS a big deal with my son being away from the court for several years. Justin was able to quickly assess my son’s skill level and begin the training at a level that challenged him. Justin makes a solid connection with teenagers. My son is looking forward to the next session! Dolla – September 22, 2017

Coach Justin did a great job today with helping my son. He showed my son some good techniques to help improve his shooting. My son really enjoyed the session. Thank you coach justin. We are looking forward to working with you again. Tajanna – September 24, 2017

5 Stars Andy – September 26, 2017

Coach Justin was awesome with our son and with us. He followed up and made recommendations and is committed to getting him ready for tryouts. Carla – October 2, 2017

I had a great first workout with Coach Justin last night. He was very patient with me, seeing that I haven’t worked out in a year. He has great techniques and drills to help me improve my game. I definitely would recommend him to anyone that wants to improve and get better. He has the passion and is willing to work with you and help you improve! Ivory – January 7, 2018

Coach Justin is a great coach! His extensive background in basketball really shows when he’s breaking down drills for you. He’s really friendly and works with you every step of the way to ensure you’re reaching your full potential. He will take your game from good to GREAT! All you need to bring is a humble attitude and put in 100% effort and coach Justin will deliver the results. Overall excellent coach and I look forward to continue to work with him in the future. Eduardo – November 3, 2016

Coach Justin is a wonderful coach. He takes care to understand the skills the athlete needs and makes sure that the athlete is able to learn these skills well. I would recommend Coach Justin to everyone. Thank you! Sunil – October 3, 2016

Thank you for changing my son attitude about basketball. The wisdom you have is teaching confidence and heart. You have shown my son how to be a leader and the importance of team work. You have been an inspiration to him, Your influence on my son is immeasurable. The breadth of the skills and lessons you have taught will be amplified over and over. Thank you for caring about the kids you are training. You have taught them the importance of hard work and never to give up thanks again for being the best trainer. Melody – September 26, 2016

You’ve been such an influence on Datren, his confidence seems to be coming back and I just wanted to say thank you. Obviously I hired you to train him in basketball so your encouragement and support for him is just a testament to how much you care about these kids. Thank you so much. Kerry Eggins – September 24, 2016

I thank you for the great strenuous workout. With the agility training the ball handling drills and the shooting drills it has really improved my game. I would advise anyone to take on your workout it has really helped my game. Thanks I really appreciate it. Kyle Odom – August 30, 2016

It’s a very Hard workout, Justin Bowen really works with uS, and helps us develop our craft, and really develops our ball handling we work on ball handling for about a half hour. And just really teach us how to be strong and be a young man on and off the court thanks Coach! George Whitehead – July 5, 2016

Justin, Thank you for all that you have done for the boys. Jack has developed a greater love of basketball thanks to the instruction you have given him and the confidence you have helped him build. We hope to have a chance to continue working with you in some capacity. It has been a great experience. Thank you for everything. We really appreciate it. Jack’s parents Stephanie & Jay – June 17, 2016

I just wanted to reach out and let you know what an unbelievable coach Justin Bowen was for our team. Joey has always loved basketball and played in some rec leagues, but never made the progress he made with Justin. Justin is exceptional at coaching and teaching without ever coming across as negative or discouraging. Joey looked up to him so very much and build great relationships with all of his teammates. He is also a baseball fanatic and spends most of the spring/summer playing it, so we felt it would be too much to attempt travel basketball for spring. But he will definitely be back! Win or lose, it was the best team experience we ever had. Kudos to Justin and to you for running a great program! Thanks again. Melissa Murray – May 16, 2016

Great coach, has great enthusiasm and energy towards the game itself and helping me improve. Ethan – May 7, 2016

Hey Coach what a longflight from home (Indonesia) worth for my son to workout and practice with you. Such a wonderful dribbling, shooting technique experience you shared to him. Hope to ser you again at Summer Camp 2019. Ari – July 11, 2018

Best in on the whole website! He really improved my ball handling, stamina, and defense all in one session. He has amazing patience as well. Thnx Coach Justin! Omar – June 9, 2018

We have had several sessions with Coach Justin. My son likes him, and the workouts are hard and perceived by my son as a move in the right direction. He is learning both basics and complex skills much to his delight. We have been very happy with Coach Justin and would recommend him without reservation. John Edward – July 15, 2018

5 Stars Claudia – July 15, 2018

Coach Justin is great! My moves are improved after only one session and he always challenges me to go above and beyond. Ruichen – April 18, 2018

Coach Justin is a very good coach also very nice he really challenged my son to get better and his drills are really good adapting to the players position looking forward to book more sessions with him. Heidi R. – March 3, 2018

5 Stars -Fred – March 10, 2018

Coach Justin was awesome! He’s really patient great with my daughter. She improved greatly by the end of the session you really see the results. I’d recommend him to anyone that wants to step up their game. -Julia – February 12, 2018

Really enjoyed watching the boys first session. Looking forward to see their evolvement and continued training for the next sessions. Mark – April 5, 2017

Coach Justin was excellent in working with my son. He was able to help him improve his game in one session by drilling fundamentals and then focusing on his immediate issue with his shooting. We will continue working with Justin in the future. Kevin – September 21, 2016

My cousin had great reviews for coach Justin. Walter – June 17, 2017

Great workout! Probably one of the best in the Chicago Land area. Players trainer understanding of all past injuries, goals, and limitations. Pushed me beyond my level I am glad he can helped transform my floater by breaking it down. Hands down best on the coach Up. Has a great understanding of the game from all aspects. Herman – May 3, 2017

Our experience with Coach Justin has been wonderful. Coach Justin started our sessions off with questions for us so that he could tailor the sessions accordingly. All of our sessions have been welcoming for me as the parent and also challenging for my son to grow. We also like that Coach Justin works with a team so that he can give instruction and observe the execution without missing a thing. We are very excited to continue our journey to becoming a better player with the help of Coach Justin. Tiffany – July 11, 2017

5 Stars Shemean

Justin was very professional and encouraging. Time and money well spent. Will be coming back! Takalra – July 23, 2018